Josh Hindmarsh Improvising Method – The three C’s.

Improvised music occurs as a result of the interaction of three key ingredients: Content, Connections, and Context.

1. Content

The elements of jazz including scales, arpeggios, rhythm, contours

2. Connections

Phrasing, Substitution, Sequencing of elements,  Call and Response, Motivic Development.

3. Context

Musical Setting such as Repertoire, Form, Placement of phrases.

Learning EmoticonJazz Lessons

Musical Elements

  • Arpeggios – Triads Chords
  • Arpeggios – Seventh Chords
  • Scales – Bebop
  • Scales – Melodic Minor
  • Scales – Diminished
  • Scales – Major
  • Scales – Pentatonic
  • Tetrachords


Connection Principles


Musical Setting

Additional guitar resources

  • Caged
  • Drop 2 and 3 Voicings
  • 5 positions of scales
  • Right hand picking


Learning Emoticon Blues Lessons


“I think if it wasn’t for blues, there wouldn’t be no jazz”.
T-Bone Walker

For guitar in alphabetical order;