Blues in B flat

Although it uses the a basic 12 blues form, jazz blues can be played with a great many harmonic variations. One very common basic version is the following pattern, using mainly dominant chords entitled:

BAGS GROOVE – Jazz Blues in Bb (or F)

“Bags Groove” is a jazz composition by Milt Jackson and was first recorded by the Milt Jackson Quintet on Apr. 7, 1952 for Blue Note Records.

Bags Groove in Bb

Click on link to download PDF. Bags Groove in Bb

Bb Blues Bags Groove Playalong


Another great song is the Sonny Rollins classic jazz tune entitled;


TENOR MADNESS – Jazz Blues in Bb

“Tenor Madness” is a jazz composition by Sonny Rollins and was first was recorded on May 24th, 1956, for Prestige Record Label.


Bb Blues Comping on strings 2-3-4   (3 Note Chords)

Bb Blues Comping on strings 1-2-3-4  (4 Note Chords)